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What worked for us on long-haul flight with toddlers

Amazing, how little practical advice is out there and how useless the generic tips are!

Wouldn't it be great if I knew how to put my little one to sleep in an economy class chair? I mean, how does it physically work in these extra-tight chairs we've come to know in the 21st century? Wouldn't it be awesome to know ahead of time what I can do when my daughter's ears hurt during climb or descent? If only I could master making those flimsy plastic headphones work for my 3 years old... and stopping her toys from rolling away using just my willpower.

Generic tips don't teach this magic. Our family is learning it the hard way. We live in US West coast and traveling to Europe every summer. 15+ hours in the air, two or three legs. Three kids: two, three and five years old as of writing. We love traveling with kids and staying home is not an option.
I'd like to share some things we learnt so far. The list is not comprehensive in any way, and we keep learning with every fli…